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    About Us

    A little bit of history

    From Cartridge Mate…

    We’ve been passionately selling printer cartridges since 2010, when Cartridge Mate was born. The idea behind the brand was to be clear about the products offered whilst showing that we sell on a combination of value, service, and most importantly, relationship.

    By summer 2012, we were regularly supplying hundreds of customers across South Wales and the rest of the UK, and we wanted to know how else we could help them. The obvious choices were to offer stationery or to consult on photocopiers: both being complementary to what we were already offering.

    To Copier Mate…

    After research with customers and interviewing the main photocopier manufacturers in the UK, we felt Toshiba were the best partner for us. We could offer support/service on their equipment without having to be engineers ourselves (read about Toshiba service), our values aligned very closely with theirs, and they were prepared to invest in our relationship to see us flourish.

    Since then, we’ve teamed up with some of the hardest working businesses in South Wales and the west of England, and are proudly Toshiba’s largest dealers in Wales.

    The future…

    The theme continues: be clear about our values and what we offer, find customers who share those values, and grow with them.