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Photocopier Cyber Security

Cyber Security breaches are big news, and they push large businesses into the public eye. This coverage makes them look unprofessional and vulnerable, damaging their image, but, more importantly, it puts thousands of customers in danger, leaving the firm open to thousands of pounds worth of fines.

Small companies aren’t exempt from breaches of sensitive data, and your photocopier is a gateway to more sensitive documents than you may care to imagine.

What are the risks?


Your MFPs (multi-funtional printers), whether connected to the internet or not, can be used as a door for hackers to infiltrate your network. Once on the inside, they can get further into your computer system – posing as your photocopier – to uncover usernames, passwords, sensitive files, and potentially bring your network down.

Traffic sniffing

Malicious users (including those from inside your organisation) can listen to (aka. sniff) network traffic. That includes sensitive files that are being transmitted to the photocopier in plain text. Even a password protected PDF is unlocked when it hits your photocopiers.

Document history

Many people don’t realise, but every single document you print, copy, fax, or scan sits as a ghost image on your photocopier’s hard drive. Without much difficulty, your staff, visitors, or even complete strangers could access your photocopier remotely, taking thousands of sensitive files relating to you and your clients. This could be anything from staff home addresses, bank account details, or court hearings and conviction documents of clients you represent.

You wouldn’t allow just anyone to rustle through your filing cabinets, so why is your photocopier an open book?

The tip of the iceberg…

There are a wealth of tools hackers can use to get under the skin of your MFPs, and these examples are just the start. Keeping malicious users out of your copiers will make your network that much more secure, and may deter hackers from going through with an attack completely.

How can Copier Mate help?

Now that you know more about the risks, Copier Mate can “harden” your photocopiers. This service is regardless of the manufacturer i.e. we can harden Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Sharp etc. The process involves testing for vulnerabilities, then taking the necessary actions to close doors, hide sensitive information, and ultimately reduce or eliminate the risks of falling foul of an opportunistic attack.

Please contact us immediately to arrange a no obligation chat about reducing the Cyber Security risks of your photocopiers.