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Before meeting us, it’s important you understand the journey we’re about to embark on together. We follow a specific process that allows us to recommend the right products and services for you, as no two clients are the same. The diagram below gives you the most common route you’re likely to explore with us.

Telephone consultation

In an initial consultation, we’ll get a basic understanding of the pressures your business is facing and what you’re hoping to achieve. This step is important to know whether or not your wants, needs, and expectations are achievable, and whether we’re the business to help with them.

30 minute 'fact find' meeting

Once we know we’re a suitable partner for you, we’ll arrange a 30 minute fact-find meeting at your offices. This gives us the chance to discuss where you are and where you want to be in much more detail. By the end of it, we’ll have helped you with the most important considerations for your business.

Draft Proposal

For larger projects, the draft proposal is an important step. It acts to summarise the fact-find, and allows us to explore options that are open to you. This keeps the conversation broad enough to make sure we’ve not discounted part of a suitable solution, but equally allows us to discount elements that aren’t relevant.

Data collection

At the same time as the fact-find and draft proposal, we’ll collate the data needed to produce an accurate cost analysis. This includes collecting meter readings from printers, identifying hours spent on manual processes, costs for consumables, and much more.

These data are used to help compare any improvements/reductions in time, cost, and wastage with Copier Mate compared to what you’re currently doing. These calculations will fit neatly into the final proposal, whilst giving you an indication of the ‘true’ costs.

Final proposal

When all the data has been collected, a final proposal is drawn up and discussed. All of the relevant stakeholders are present, and come together to sign off on what they believe to be the best solution for the business.

Once satisfied, we’ll write up the necessary paperwork, and plan a timeline for your new equipment and software to be delivered and installed.

Completion of surveys

Comprehensive site and network surveys are completed to make sure all equipment and software is delivered and installed to your desired specifications. We’ll most commonly coordinate with facilities, IT, and maintenance/security teams to get the necessary information.

Copiers delivered within a week

On completion of all paperwork and surveys, all equipment is ordered and is delivered at a time and date that’s convenient to you. 5 working days is all we need to receive your new photocopiers from our Toshiba warehouse.

Installation and configuration

Once your photocopiers arrive, certified Toshiba engineers and software specialists will be on site to install, configure, and customise your new equipment exactly how you want it. We’ll also provide basic training on the photocopiers for your key staff, free of charge.


You’ve just taken the steps to a quicker, easier, more professional life.

Welcome to Copier Mate.