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20 years ago, photocopiers were simply used to duplicate paper documents. But over the last 5-10 years they’ve ironically become a cornerstone in going paperless. A good photocopier, combined with the right software, can save businesses like yours time and money in a dramatic way. Here’s a little taster of the software packages that we work with, and what they could do for you.


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Highlights: manage and route print jobs, set department spends, analyse print volumes, allow pupils/tenants to pay as they go (schools/serviced offices), generate usage reports with ease, set charge-back amounts, easily manage users and departments.

PaperCut is a clever piece of software that sits neatly on your server. It allows us to control a raft of rules for you, covering most tasks from limiting black and white or colour printing, through to maximum departmental spends for a month. It’s great for schools, large offices, and can be configured to cover multiple sites for larger organisations. It’s the perfect software to assist your accounts department for setting and enforcing budgets, but also for use in enviornmental/sustainability reports and exercises.
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Xero – Beautiful Accounting

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Highlights: scan and automatically allocate all paperwork to nominal codes, access daily management accounts, reduce your accounting and book-keeping costs, connect Xero with other add-ons to automate other areas of your business (stock lists, timesheets, and more), access your company accounts anywhere in the world.

Xero is cloud-based accountancy software that is taking the industry by storm. As a stand alone package, it allows you, your accounts team/book-keeper, and your accountants to all access your data at the same time, from anywhere in the world. It’s easy to navigate, easy to use, and has a beautifully designed user experience.

However, when combined with a Toshiba photocopier and a couple of clever pieces of software, you can quickly transform your accounting procedures from days of time-intensive data entry to simply scanning your documents. Literally, that’s it. You scan them, and they’ll find their way into the cloud where they’re read and automatically allocated to a nominal code in Xero. You can even give the job of scanning the documents to the office junior, allowing the rest of the team to work on more important things.
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