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Toshiba Service

Copier Mate proudly partner with Toshiba to offer our clients access to Toshiba’s network of service engineers. Having the support of an international firm such as Toshiba benefits us massively, but what does it mean to you? Have a read below to find out a little bit more.

Toshiba engineers for Toshiba equipment

Every member of the service team is a fully certified Toshiba engineer. Meaning you’ll only have engineers visiting site who specialise in your photocopiers. They’re made by Toshiba, and Toshiba are the best people to service them. Why would we want to send anyone other than the best?

UK wide support

With our Head Quarters in Cardiff, you’d be forgiven for thinking we could only service a certain geography. But teaming up with Toshiba allows ut to service and support businesses across the whole of the UK.

4 hour on-site response time

Combined with offering service UK wide, partnering with Toshiba allows us to adhere to our 4 hour on-site response time. This is particularly appealing if your business is multi-sited and/or spread across the country.

Access to Toshiba Directors

We’ve got a great relationship with Toshiba, and we have direct routes to the Directors of Sales, Operations, Service, and all other divisions. This means if you ever need additional support or attention, we can zip past the queues at the front line of Toshiba. Links like this have a huge impact on the level of service we can offer businesses like yours.