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Will a photocopier save me money?

Will a photocopier save me money?

The word “photocopier” is almost defunct nowadays, with companies using photocopiers to print, scan, and even manage document workflow. In fact, some customers won’t “photocopy” a single page all year. Seeing how versatile photocopiers have become opens up a world of opportunity for companies like yours.

The cost of a photocopier to a business is different from that of printers – mainly due to leasing them and then paying per page printed rather than for toner cartridges. How can you tell if a photocopier is going to save you money? This video uses a simple example to see if it could be the best option for you.

Here’s the transcript from the video:

Hi! It’s Ed Barnett of Copier Mate here. And in this video I’m going be answering the question: will a photocopier save me money?

And the easiest way to answer that question is to use a simple example.

Imagine that you have this laser printer in your office. And from the cost of the consumables, you know that is costing you roughly 15p per colour page. If you’re printing 500 sheets a month, that means it’s costing you £75 a month. Every month.

Compare that then to this to Toshiba photocopier that will actually cost you 5p per color page. Printing 500 sheets a month means that you’re only spending £25. That’s compared to the laser printer’s £75.

Photocopiers, however, are expensive pieces of kit, and companies like yours will most frequently choose to lease them.

That means you’re spreading the payment over a period of time. And for argument’s sake, a photocopier like the one you just saw will cost you £65 a month. Adding the cost of the lease into the calculation means the photocopier is actually the more expensive option for you, right now.

Consider this, then. Your office is actually printing 1,000 color pages every month. The photocopy now becomes the cheaper option, coming in at £105 *including* the lease compared to the laser printer’s £150 pounds, and *this* is where a photocopier will start to save you money.

In reality, there are many more considerations to know if a photocopier *will* save you money on not. Including: i) the volumes that you print, ii) the photocopiers and printers that you currently have, iii) the types of documents that you’re processing, iv) how much time is spent processing, storing, and retrieving those documents, and much more.

We love to help our customers clarify the total cost of printing, scanning, and copying in their businesses, so come and speak to us and we’ll be happy to complete a free analysis.

Hopefully that was useful. If you have another question, please visit the website and fill in the form, “Ask Ed a Question“.

I’m Ed Barnett of Copier Mate. See you again soon.